Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning: 5 Lessons, Summary and Review

mans search for ultimate meaning
TitleMan’s Search for Ultimate Meaning
AuthorViktor Frankl
PublisherBasic Books (AZ)
Rating★★★★★ (5 stars)
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Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning is a book written by Viktor Frankl where he talks more about the role of logotherapy in the current world.

This book is essential for those who want to know more about Viktor Frankl’s theory and main lessons. Read other book summaries here!

Synopsis of Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning

Let’s understand a little bit of what the book talks about before we move on to the details.

In this book, Viktor Frankl speaks of the divine presence hidden in the most common acts, and how this type of experience is forgotten in these times. In addition, he says that it is important that we reconnect with these principles so that we find meaning in our lives.

He brings one side of his theory, logotherapy, which better addresses the relationship between man and God. You can buy the book clicking here.

About Viktor Frankl

But who is the author of the book? Does what he says deserve to be heard?

The author of The Ignorant Presence of God is the Jewish psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, creator of logotherapy and a survivor of the holocaust that occurred in the second world war.

That is: he is one of the greatest authorities on psychology in the twentieth century, and the author of one of the most widespread schools of psychology. Read a summary of his most famous book Man’s Search for Meaning here.

Summary of Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning

Let’s understand a little more about what the book teaches the reader. It is critical for us to determine whether the book is a good read or not.

In this book, Viktor Frankl talks about the more religious aspect of logotherapy and its importance for the development of this therapeutic technique. He speaks of the absence of meaning and roots that modern man goes through, precisely because of the most famous philosophical thoughts of today.

In addition, he says that we should return to these more traditional values ​​and seek the importance of religion in our lives, as they make modern man able to find meaning in his life.

In this way, man can achieve one of his biggest goals: to conquer a meaning for his life. Read about his book On Theory and Therapy of Mental Disorders.

Thus, the search for meaning makes us accept and deal better with difficulties, so that we can mature and become better.

Key Lessons of Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning

The main lessons of Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning are:

1. The relationship with God is important for man

First, the relationship between God and man is fundamental for man to feel complete, because it gives meaning to his life. Therefore, all people must seek to approach this relationship and live together with Him to seek individual progress.

One thing that is increasingly common is this departure from faith, tradition and religion. I think it’s a shame, because all this can teach people a lot.

That is: we need to recover these values ​​somehow. Read about the book Confessions by St. Augustine here.

2. The current world has a void

In fact: the materialistic world we live in destroys our sense of meaning, which makes us feel empty inside. This is the result of all the materialistic and hedonistic notions present in our society, which place life here on Earth as its greatest glory.

Therefore, we must understand that we must not only attend to the world here, but also to the things above.

3. Man needs meaning

Man has as one of his greatest accomplishments the search for meaning in his existence, as it makes him more complete. Therefore, this search for meaning is what moves human beings, enabling them to go further and achieve more results in their lives.

It’s something I’ve always noticed: when people get everything they want, they’re sad. When we want to conquer something or do something new, we can always move. Read a summary about The Will to Meaning here.

4. We shouldn’t run away from difficulty

In fact: difficulties are an essential part of life, as they allow us to mature and improve as human beings. Have you ever seen people who live without difficulties? First, it is almost impossible for this type of person to exist, because everyone goes through challenges.

Second, as long as these people exist, they would have an empty life, as they would not have the chance to learn from the difficult moments of their lives. Read a summary about 12 Rules for Life here.

5. We Should Embrace Our Suffering

Finally, suffering is not something that stops us from growing. In fact, it makes us better. Therefore, we must embrace it. That is: no running away from pain, as irrational animals do. We need to understand the reason for the pain and how to improve it.

Also, if we have no way out of the suffering situation, we need to change ourselves and use this occasion as a maturation. Otherwise, suffering will be of no use.

Negative Points of Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning

Viktor Frankl’s book only has two points that some may consider negative, but that doesn’t prevent reading.

The negative points of the book are two: first, who is an atheist can be bothered by the book, because it talks about the importance of God and faith. The second is that many points in the book have already been explained in other of his works, making this work by Viktor Frankl a bit repetitive.

Of course, the book explains the whole topic in a very deep way and with arguments and is very open to the realities of the world, but there are always people who may not like it.

And of course, if you haven’t read other Viktor Frankl books, this book will be fantastic – and I think it’s a great introduction to the author. Read a summary about Psychotherapy and Existentialism here.

Positive Points of Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning

There are many points that justify reading the book, and I will focus here on those that I find most appealing.

The strengths of the book are the fact that the book shows a side of logotherapy that is much overlooked. for people, which is the relationship with God and faith. In fact: even in his book Em Busca de Sentido, he talks about the importance of religious tradition for people, and that this lack causes us to lose a little of our sense. In other words: it’s good to have a book that shows this less explored side of logotherapy.

In addition, he goes through all the main fundamentals of the psychological school created by Viktor Frankl, albeit superficially.

So even if you’ve never read anything by the author, this book will teach you a lot of cool things! You can buy the book clicking here.

Is Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning worth reading?

Is it, after all, worth reading this book or is it better to choose other works?

The Ignored Presence of God is worth reading. The book teaches important points of logotherapy that are forgotten by many. Thus, reading is very interesting for anyone who wants to delve into the thinking of this great psychologist of the twentieth century.

However, I would say that it is worth reading Man’s Search for Meaning first, because I consider it to be Viktor Frankl’s most complete book.

If you are interested in buying Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning, it’s worth it! Thanks for reading! You can buy the book clicking here.

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