Recommended Books

On this page, I separated only the best book choices in each area!

For each subject, I separated only 5 books that I consider to be the best in what they teach.

Classic Education

1. How to Read a Book

how to read a book

Despite the name sounding silly, it’s the best study book I’ve ever read! The concepts he brings here help to study better in any area of ​​knowledge.

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2. The Intellectual Life

the intellectual life

A book that gives the principles for you to develop an intellectual life through the search for wisdom and integrating it with your personal life.

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3. Dumbing us Down

dumbing us down

Classic book showing how the school curriculum is more of a hindrance than a help, and showing alternatives for self-education.

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4. Trivium

the trivium

This book shows how you can educate yourself through the classic Trivium subjects: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

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5. Another Sort of Learning

another sort of learning

This work, composed of a series of different articles, awakens the desire to develop a classical education.

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1. 12 Rules for Life

12 rules for life

Book that shows 12 steps to lead a more mature and meaningful life. Despite the title, it has a very deep philosophy behind it.

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2. Beyond Order

beyond order

Sequel of the previous book, with 12 more tips about maturing and personal development. In my opinion, it’s even better than the first one.

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3. In Search of Meaning

man's search for meaning

A classic book by psychiatrist Viktor Frankl in which he recounts his experience in concentration camps and the foundations of logotherapy, his school of psychology.

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4. The 5 Love Languages


This psychology book is a true classic on how to better deal with the people around you. It will help you with your love life, relationships with parents, children, co-workers and more!

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5. Man and his Symbols

man and his symbols

Carl Jung’s classic book where he and his cowriters addresses various aspects the nature of man and symbolic language.

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1. The Four Loves

the four loves

Did you know that the word “love” can mean 4 things? Understand more about the meanings of love and the philosophical depth in these differences.

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2. The Abolition of Man

the abolition of man

The most philosophical book by C. S. Lewis which, despite being short, makes a dense analysis of some current philosophical errors.

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3. Heretics


Book that shows the inconsistency of several modern thinkers, written by the traditional English author G. K. Chesterton.

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4. A Guide for the Perplexed

a guide for the perplexed

A very profound work, but one that can change your way of seeing philosophy. The book talks about how philosophy can be a path to self-knowledge.

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5. The Problem of Pain

the problem of pain

In this profound book, C. S. Lewis talks about the problem of human pain: why do bad things happen?

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1. Mere Christianity

mere christianity

Introductory Book on Christianity. Very useful to clear the main doubts of the Christian faith and to understand more deeply about the religion.

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2. Orthodoxy


One of the great classics by author G. K. Chesterton showing the philosophical principles behind Christianity and how they combat the wrong notions of life we ​​have today.

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3. Screwtape Letters

screwtape letters

In this series of comic letters, you see how certain wrong notions we have can harm us and cause us to drift away from God.

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4. Reflections on Psalms

reflections on the psalms

With his deep analytical skills, C. S. Lewis analyzes the main psalms of the Bible and their meaning.

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5. The Everlasting Man

everlasting man

Another book by G. K. Chesterton in which the author deepens his vision of Jesus Christ and the Church, against some modern thoughts of the time.

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